Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Madison and Adventure Bear

This is Adventure Bear and me at nanny and poppys place.

This is me making Adventure Bear "Yum Yums"in my play kitchen at home.

This is me and "Baby" and Adventure Bear doing puzzles.

I am showing Adventure Bear my Christmas Puzzles Santa brought me.

Me and Adventure Bear doing puzzles

Daddy reading Adventure Bear and I a bed time story.

Adventure Bear and I helping mummy in the kitchen.We baked some yummy afgans.

Adventure Bear and I on our way to kindergarten.

Becky's weekend with Addy

Becky's weekend with Addy
On Saturday Mun planted a feijoa tree for me. I showed Addy.

A visit to my cousins-Shaylana, Dallis, Daisha, Addy, Ellie and me.

Jumping on the tramp with Addy.

Look at my hair!

Mum loves Addy too.

Me and my cousin showing Addy my new book.

I took a close up of Addys big eyes.

Big Ted and little Ted (Addy)

Ally, Grandma, Addy and me having big hugs.

I am in my room showing Addy ALL my toys.

Aragorn and Adventure Bear
I am sitting with Addy while my sister is taking the photo.

A close up of Addys paw.

Addy is sitting on my books and smiling as I take the photo.

Cool car what my dad gave me. I am showing it to Addy.

Addy playing with my two favourite cars.

Addy and my dog playing on my mat with my cars.

Addy is sitting on the carpet at my home.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daphne and Adventure Bear (Addy)
Daphne is the first child to take home Addy for the night, and she was very excited. I handed her Addy and the camera and had a chat to her Dad when he came to pick her up after kindy.
Daphne was so excited to show me the photoes of her time with Addy, so we sat down on the couch, and I listened as she told me about each one.

Daphne told me about her and her Aunty giving Addy big cuddles and being good friends to one another.

Then I asked her, "What is Addy doing in this picture?" She said ''Addy is having a rest on the naughty chair and relaxing". I said to her, " Has Addy been naughty?" "No just relaxing,"she said.

After Addy had a rest on the naughty chair I asked Daphne, "What was in his hair?" She said that she had put lots of pretty clips on him and a necklace. Well I think he looks stunning!

Daphne then told me about how she read a story to Addy before bed time, and that she gave him BIG hugs. Dad had taken a picture of Daphne and Addy fast asleep, but Daphne told me that Addy did not sleep because he has his eyes open all night.